Social Responsibility and Promoting Regional Partnerships

From the 5th Annual Conference on Social Responsibility and Promoting Regional Partnerships

Speech of Minister Ghada Wali emphasizes the importance of the role of the private sector in the welfare of workers and their families, despite the existence of some obstacles in the current labor law, but the role of the private sector in investing in workers in terms of training opportunities and welfare of workers and their access to good advantages support the creation of an area of ​​investment and continuity The work of the institutions despite the difficult phase that Egypt is going through.

Developing our community with Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a trade partnership based on dialogue, transparency, and respect that seeks to achieve greater equality in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by providing better trade conditions and ensuring the rights of producers and (Permanent and temporary) labor as well.

Participating companies are committed to fair trade standards and objectives as the cornerstone of their mission and with the support of consumers actively participating in awareness-raising, women empowerment as well as maintaining education opportunities for youth.

  • Creating multi leisure areas in different work locations to help to create a good morale spirit among labor.
  • 1,121 woolen bed covers
  • 2,054 cotton bed covers
  • 465 families are supplied with water filter
  • 490 students School bags and stationery for students 

Daltex and Global Network Summit

Covering the Global Network Summit and discussing institutional support opportunities in supporting small entities to establish small projects that nurture large industries. The agriculture sector is represented at the Forum / India Kassab representing Daltex for its leadership in the sector as well as the empowerment of women in the sector.

The conference aims to bring frugal innovations that are community-based (lead and owned by the community) for three thematic areas of focus: grassroots innovations, schooling for the BoP and affordable housing. The conference will take three days. The first two days are open for a wider audience and follow a traditional conference format, albeit more focused in scope and purpose. The third day follows a round-table format and is by invitation only. It aims at bringing small community-based groups with invited best-practices with the aim of discussing implementation details. 

Fair Trade Congress, Fair Trade Africa

Fair trade is an institutional arrangement designed to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions. Members of the fair trade movement advocate the payment of higher prices to exporters, as well as improved social and environmental standards.

Ms. Hend Kassab participates in Fair Trade Congress as an unelected representative of Egypt at the Fairtrade Africa regular meeting, which reflects the keenness of the presence of the representative of the productive sector in all categories from large entities to smaller entities of producers and managers.

Water sustainability & Environment

Environmentally-friendly operations in all Daltex farms & Pack houses (CO2 Footprint calculated). Leaf Marque certifications Global Gap, Grasp, Tesco Nurture Choice, Field to Fork, Organic Farming certifications all support our environmental sustainability commitment. Fair Trade, BSCI and Ethical Trade value full application in all farms & Pack houses.

UN Women in Egypt in collaboration with The National Council for Women

AWEF has taken the initiative to empower the women labor in Daltex Multi-sites through various training modules that assist in increasing women’s knowledge and thus developing their career path.

UN Women in Egypt in collaboration with The National Council for Women hosted an event on 25 November, the international day for the elimination of violence against women, at the Mena House hotel to mark the launch of the “#16Days of Activism to End Gender-Based Violence” under the global theme “#HearMeToo”.

The event took place at the backdrop of the majestic Giza pyramids lit up in orange, symbolizing a bright future free from violence against women and girls. The event was attended by Blerta Aliko; UN Women Country Representative; Richard Dictus, UN Resident Coordinator; Ambassador Ahmed Gamal El-Din, Assistant Foreign Minister; Dr. Maya Morsy, President of the National Council for Women.

It also witnessed a keynote address by Dr. Mona Zulficar and an inspirational story by Samar Hamdy, Farm Worker at Daltex and one of the beneficiaries of Women’s Employment Promotion Programme and Omar El-Borolossy, Egyptian Squash Player.