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Daltex started with activities in trade by purchase & export of fruits & vegetables; mainly potatoes. Since then Daltex has grown, expanded, added new activities, applied backward & forward integration to arrive where it stands today; as a prominent distinct joint-stock company renowned for the cultivation, packing, and exporting of fresh fruits and vegetables with a sizeable Egyptian market share, and with clear market leadership in the export of Egyptian potatoes.

Our Brands

Our Farms

Daltex enjoys the ownership and management of a large portfolio of land banks allowing it more control over the volume, type, and variety of its plantations. More importantly, such control ensures proper management of the quality of the product whether, in the seeds, the type and dosage of the chemicals sprayed, as well as the pre and post-harvest treatments. Additionally, Daltex ensures full control over the operation through a full traceability system connecting farms, pack houses with codes traceable from the final client to the earliest of the agriculture input, every part of the process is clear. All farms are both Global Gap and Tesco Nurture Choice Certified. 

Our Brands

A global distribution network, spanning 65+ countries