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Daltex Becomes the 1st Egyptian Producer in History to Penetrate the Japanese Market

Dr. Samir Al-Naggar, chairman of “Daltex” company, revealed the details of the Egyptian success at penetrating the Japanese market for the first time in history, explaining that the entry came after applying the strict standards of the Japanese agricultural quarantine and quality standards.

Mr Hesham El Naggar also praised the role of the Minister of Agriculture and the instructions he issued to the agriculture quarantine insisting on Egypt succeeding at penetrating one the hardest markets in the world, clarifying that the Egyptian orange shipment to Japan was not an individual success, but came as a result of the cooperation of all the Egyptian agencies, whether it is the ministry of Agriculture, Trade, Industry, regulatory agencies, or even the customs agencies that were eager to achieve this unprecedented moment. He expressed gratitude to 60+ engineers and company staff that worked tirelessly, in stations and during the shipment, to enable the achievement of the historic milestone.

Daltex & IFC Agreement on Gender Project – May 2018

Daltex group of companies and IFC (International Finance Corporation – A World Bank Company) are cooperating in the development of a project that aims to assist Daltex in generating employment and income streams for women in select communities in the Arab Republic of Egypt and thereby economically empowering them by integrating and retaining them in the Daltex operations (i.e. on Daltex -owned farms and facilities and through farming and other opportunities along the value chain).  

El Moghra Aquifer Water Conservation Initiative

In collaboration with GIZ, Edeka & WWF Germany, Daltex has been engaged on launching hydrogeological assessments of the El Moghra Aquifer in attempts to launch sustainable farming solutions for the future. A joint study and initiation project to study, measure, monitor, and reduce underground water usage explores the opportunity for Egypt to utilize its agricultural resources in pursuit of an eco-friendly future.

Female Labor Participation & Inclusivity

DALTEX has partnered with the UN Women, USAID Egypt, and Care International to launch a project in Upper Egypt aimed to be a “business model” that provides alternatives to labor contractors. The project helped build a database of potential women labor force through linkages with available Community Development Associations (CDAs) and provided female workers with the required skills for employment opportunities with the target firms.

Based on the evaluation and feedback from Daltex field supervisors and the project’s trainers, women productivity out of this model exceeded that of others who depend on being employed through the labor contractors. This has also translated into a productivity increase of Daltex. 

UN SDG Goals: A Continuous Commitment

In an ongoing effort to carve a path towards SDG achievement, Daltex has continued to work on launching efforts within the agriculture sector to enable the success of key social and environmental targets. With sincere belief in equal opportunity, gender equality, rights to proper education, provision of decent work environment, workers health and safety, Daltex has endorsed the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as the Women Empowerment Principles. Through its full application of the values of Ethical Trade Initiative (ETI), Fair Trade, Occupational Health & Safety (OHSAS 18001) and BSCI, Daltex has worked beyond its international certifications to empower female workers, improve access to technical education, cultivate healthy work environments, and focus on worker health and safety. 

Through its land reclamation and farm establishment work, DALTEX has created communities, employment opportunities, and invested in education to nurture healthy, thriving local communities that benefit from its development activities.

In addition, DALTEX has also received Leaf Marque certifications, Global Gap, Grasp, Tesco Nurture Choice, Field to Fork, Organic Farming, Fair Trade, BSCI and Ethical Trade.

Based on the evaluation and feedback from Daltex field supervisors and the project’s trainers, women productivity out of this model exceeded that of others who depend on being employed through the labor contractors. This has also translated into a productivity increase of Daltex.

Investing in Technical Training & Labor Force Participation

With 24% of the nation’s employment falling within the agriculture industry, cultivating a well-trained and well-equipped labor force has proven critical to the Egyptian economy. In collaboration with local communities, educational institutions, the Ministry of Education & Technical Education, NGO’s, & UN-Women, Daltex has worked to train, employ, and empower agriculture technical staff and export it’s technical know-how and expertise.

Over the past eight years, Daltex has trained 10,000+ workers, created internship programs and academies, within its farms and packhouses on agriculture processes ranging across the full agri-value chain.

Full-Fledged H&S Programs Across Daltex Facilities

Daltex has adopted and implemented full H&S programs at all its farms sites and packhouses. In-line with OHSAS 18001 and through its continuous trainings and improvement, Daltex has implemented Health & Safety protocols, fire management systems, first-aid across all its facilities. 

Recently Daltex celebrated 1,000,000 safety hours on its Toshka project, a testament to its ongoing commitment to maintaining a safe, healthy, and productive work environment for all of its staff and employees. 

Over the past eight years, Daltex has trained over 10,000 agriculture secondary schools’ students from all over Egypt in its farms and pack houses on a variety of crops and processes.

Cairo University Faculty of Agriculture Building

Cairo University unveils its recently built building in honor of Dr Samir El Naggar’s continuous investment, commitment, and dedication towards developing the university’s research and development and student support initiatives.